The Digital Vault

The Digital Vault is an internet-based service that is completely secure. It allows you to place all of the information required for your online existence in a secure facility that you can access at any time, from anywhere with an internet connection. See below for screen shots from a sample vault.

You can upload copy documents and photos and edit and update files that are held there, such as a list of your online accounts with usernames, passwords etc. as well as assets and liabilities. If you have lots of photos, it is better to store these in another cloud based facility but make sure you record the access details in the vault.

Your vault will only be available to you. Nobody else will have access to it unless you want them to.

After you have died your executor will be able to request access and this will make his/her job so much easier.

The vault capacity is nominally 1 gigabyte. This can typically hold at least 1,000 scanned documents or more if the majority are electronic files such as spreadsheets and word documents. You will also be able to store short video or audio files within this allocation of space. Please do not try to store copies of your favourite DVDs – there are better and cheaper ways of doing this. If you do need more capacity, this can be made available at a small extra charge.

Our vaults are provided by Safe4 Information Management. All of the information held in the vault is stored securely in the United Kingdom. It will thus not be subject to intrusive interception by foreign governments or authorities.

Safe4 uses a highly-configured internet connection so it can be used safely from devices in public areas, such as airports, hotels, or internet cafes.

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