Digital Assets

Almost all of us now use electronic systems to help to manage different aspects of our lives. Many of these are online and use services based in what is known as “The Cloud”. Future Safe Vaults via Safe4 is a classic example of this and uses the Cloud to good effect to make sharing and managing documents online possible with complete security.

The range of online services has grown exponentially in the last decade. Email is comparatively long-established, but a host of facilities including social media, online purchasing and exchange systems, and even gambling services have mushroomed in recent times. Each of these will contain information about us, and many may actually hold cash balances (or debts!) that should form part of our estate. Even the everyday devices that we use to capture information without thinking – mobile phones and tablets – will be valuable sources of our personal histories after we die.

Inheritance planning services have for many years handled the more formal aspects of dealing with an estate, but they are not able to capture and manage the digital lives that almost all of us are now creating. The Safe4 Digital Inheritance Vault is now available through Future Safe Vaults as a means of ensuring that the electronic existence of each of us can be held securely and passed on to future generations.

Whilst many of the things that are important to us during our lives can be represented in the form of a computer file – favourite recipes, photographs, music, family videos – we are all constantly generating content on an ever-increasing range of online systems using everyday devices such as smartphones and tablets. Email and text messages, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Skype, and a host of other online services hold information about us, and importantly say something about who we are. This will be of great value to those who are left behind, and can so easily be lost if appropriate steps are not taken to ensure that it will be made available.

Future Safe Vaults has been set up to allow the ability to access the information held in all of these systems to be captured so that it can become part of our Digital Legacy, enabling us to be confident that future generations will be able to remember us in the way that we wish.

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